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"I’m running for State Assembly to bring my dedicated track record of public service and commitment to our community to Sacramento and act as a voice for all residents of the 47th District who reflects the values of our diverse and inclusive community."

I’m running to create real change for our residents and lasting progress for our region. Together, we can build a region that works for all of us.

Achieving full recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic

Spearheading policies that make housing affordable and attainable for everyone

Creating stable jobs and careers that pay a living wage

Investing in a regional economy that lifts all of us up

Expanding education and economic opportunity in our region

Increasing access to healthcare and social services

Protecting our environment

Getting real results to significantly reduce homelessness


As an attorney, I’ve worked for the last 10 years representing people in our community who too often don’t have a voice in our government: renters, farmworkers, people with disabilities, and workers. I’ve worked to help hundreds of seniors get access to their Medicare and other benefits. I have advocated for veterans, LGBTQ people, Spanish-speakers, and victims of discrimination. I’ve helped people in the toughest times of their lives and helped them create better futures. As your Assemblymember, I’ll build on that experience to fight for each and every one of our residents in Sacramento. 

As the Outgoing Mayor of Palm Springs, I have led the way on the most important issues affecting our daily lives:  building an economy that works for all of us, supporting and protecting workers and local businesses, investing in our local economy, continuing our progress on LGBTQ and civil rights, increasing access to healthcare and social services, leading on environmental issues, and enacting programs that have truly reduced homelessness in our region. And, on the city council, we have achieved real results for residents: approving hundreds of units of affordable housing, investing millions of dollars to build new housing, and securing $10 million of state funds for innovative housing and homelessness services. 


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was at the forefront of developing a comprehensive COVID-19 response to keep our community safe: we enacted hero pay for essential workers, converted our convention center to a COVID-19 testing and vaccination site that distributed 42,000 vaccines, established mobile food bank clinics, and enacted some of the strongest COVID-19 protections in the state for tenants, workers, and local businesses. 

The challenges we face as a state and as a region are not easy ones, and we can’t solve the issues we face on our own. Not as one person, one city, or one community. We need access to state resources and state programs to help our residents realize the full potential and promise of our region – we need more from our leaders and from Sacramento. We can overcome these challenges if we face them together, with leadership that brings people together, creates coalitions, listens, and represents everyone. It is going to take all of us together to build a region that works for all of us. I am committed to continuing that work for our region so that all of us can achieve better futures. 


As your Assemblymember, I’ll bring a fresh, new voice to Sacramento, fight tirelessly for our fair share of state resources, achieve real results for our communities, and bring the
47th District into the future. Please join us today!

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